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Aaronson law firm, with over 35 years experience, handles all traffic citations, warrants and traffic related issues, not only in El Paso, but throughout all of Texas. If you have outstanding warrants we can get them lifted. If your drivers license has been suspended, revoked or canceled, we can get you an occupational drivers license ("essential needs"). This allows you to drive your vehicle for all your important needs, whether it be work, school, or just taking the kids to and from activities. If the Department of public safety (DPS) is attempting to cancel your drivers license, we can attend the hearing and likely keep the suspension from taking effect.

Convictions for traffic violations are reported to the DPS and accrue "points" against your drivers license. Often causing higher insurance rates, loss of driving privileges and DPS surcharges (these are payable for three consecutive years and nonpayment results in your drivers license suspension). If you are pulled over and have outstanding traffic warrants you could be arrested and taken to jail. Speeding, radar traps, and running stop signs are just a few of the 100 or so moving violations one can be cited for. Excessive traffic tickets, excessive "points", and nonpayment of surcharges are just several of many different causes for the loss of your drivers license. Aaronson law firm is committed to making sure your driving privileges are preserved.

In many instances we can also remove DPS surcharges and points from your driving record. Call or stop by for a free consultation.

  • Traffic tickets and traffic warrants – we offer competent in court representation which likely will keep your traffic violation off your driving record. If you have warrants, we can get those recalled, then represent you in court.
  • Drivers license suspension hearings and appeals – if your driver’s license and driving privileges are being suspended, we will attend the hearing to prevent the suspension from going into effect, and, if we cannot, we can appeal the case with likely success.
  • Occupational drivers licenses/essential needs drivers license – if you’ve already lost your driving privileges, we will obtain a special drivers license that allows you to drive for life’s necessarys, such as work, school and family and personal reasons.
  • Drivers license and automobile registration “holds” – if you are unable to renew either your drivers license or automobile registration, we work to get the hold lifted immediately.

About the Firm

Aaronson Law Firm was established in 1975 and serves El Paso as well as numerous other areas of Texas. Mr. Aaronson attended the University of Texas at Austin and St. Mary's school of Law, graduating in 1973. Areas of practice include criminal law, traffic and traffic related issues, personal injury, mesothelioma and asbestos related issues, and medical malpractice, as well as car/ truck accidents, and product liability. Michael Aaronson is licensed to practice in all state and county courts, as well as the United States District Courts for the Fifth Circuit.

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